Saturday, January 1, 2022

Location Information

Wires-X = Ohio Link: 40557
YSF = Ohio Link : 48038
Brandmister : TG31399
IRLP: 4185/ EchoLink: KD8GRN-R


Frequency       Callsign          City                    County
443.0625+        KD8FJH      Stoutsville          Fairfield
443.550+          KE8O           Delaware           Delaware
444.100+          N8YMT        Columbus          Franklin
443.225+          N8RGO        Mansfield           Richland
443.625+          KD8FJH      Bainbridge          Ross
443.875+          K8QIK         Lancaster           Fairfield
444.850+          N8YMT        Thornville           Licking
444.8625+        W8GBL        Mt. Gilead          Morrow
443.025+          N8YMT        Johnstown          Licking  

   DMR Repeaters that carry the OLN

Frequency     City          Call         County 

444.1125  Gallipolis      KD8SPV    Gallia
147.375    Wellston         N8OJ        Vinton
146.895       Ray            KD8SPV   Jackson
442.425    Chillicothe    KD8SPV     Ross
443.1125  Minford        KD8SPV     Scioto
442.450    Thornville     AC8GI       Licking
145.250    Thornville     AC8GI       Licking
444.100    Zanesville    KD8MST    Muskingum
442.050    Cambridge   KD8MST       Guernsey
442.075    New Lex      KD8MST        Perry
444.700    Mansfield     N8DPW      Richland

Sunday, January 6, 2019

If your going to the Hamfest Look us up!!! We're going to have a Promotions Table so come meet some of the folks! Put a Face to a Call if you will. hope to see you there! 73's  N8YMT

Mansfield Ham Fest

Ok Everybody sorry there hasn't been much activity on here, I have had some unfortunate event recently, but i'm Back so with that :: we have been having some great check in nets. Hopefully it keeps getting bigger! Our last one we had 41 check ins off of 31 nodes. Hope to see everyone on the NET 73's

Friday, November 23, 2018

Hello Everybody!!

                  We would like to thank Everyone who joined us on the first OLN check In net. I think it was a resounding success! We had 60 check ins from Ohio and beyond. Still needs some tweaking, didn't think it was going to come out of the perfect the first time did you? But with everybody help and patience it will become A great and entertaining Net! We are planning on doing this every Sun at 8:30pm EST. So spread the word. I know there are a lot of nets out there but this was brought to light because YOU requested it, which is so awesome so lets make it a good one. Looking forward to hearing from everybody on the air. 73's  N8YMT

Sunday, November 11, 2018

So Yaesu Has Released one heck of a list of INSTANT rebate discounts so I thought I'd share it.
These are how much the discounts are and I believe it runs till the end of the year!!

 We are offering Instant Coupons, yes INSTANT not Mail In Rebates, on the following models:
HF Radios (Base and Mobile) -
FTDX-5000MP Limited - $350 [WOW]
FTDX-3000D - $500
FTDX-1200 - $250
FT-991A - $200
FT-450D - $50
FT-891 - $80
FT-857D - $80
VHF/UHF (Mobiles and Portables - Including Fusion) -
FTM-400XDR - $170 [WOW]
FT-2DR - $120 [WOW]
FT-70DR - $30
FT-2980R - $20
FTM-3200 - $20
FTM-3207 - $20
FTM-3100R - $20
Once again this is for North American dealers only!